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10.in the text,the author said,"chun yu" sings for the purpose of digging out his mind,express your melancholy and comment on your queries.why?he is very simple, director jia, treat people kindly to the end, due to "corruption,"i bought a high-end villa somewhere,i also proposed a "xiaomi",the dongzhuang incident happened.

4, "clone method"

5, “荒谬的法律”

instead, he wrote that su dongpo, the old mayor of hangzhou, hundreds of years later,he got lost when he revisited hangzhou.,fill in the idea of the theme,this is a new way of thinking,in recent years, it has been adopted more and more by examinees.。顿悟仙子并不惧怕力量,speaking the right words is strictly controlled by the empress dowager and the queen,came to the world,"since then, the flowering period is only a moment.one candidate's title is "heaven and earth live with me,everything is one with me-about the composition of "harmonious beauty",it is precisely because of the correct use of this conception method,full of emotional brushstrokes,ura song: the harmonious coexistence of natural scenery and social (humanistic) scenery,come to "heaven and earth live side by side with me,everything is one with me.


例如, a work titled "intoxicating",there is a sentence in the prompt before the title, "the beautiful campus singing is intoxicating." "q&a method"

9。但是考生倒想,编写了一个完美的分数作文,标题为“删除简单外套”。这篇文章向读者展示了一个不容忽视的社会问题,发人深省的提倡警惕。文章严格遵循“实验报告”的样式安排结构,“实验名称”, “实验目的”, “实验用品”, “实验步骤”, “实验现象”, “实验方程式”, “实验总结”, “实验时间”, “后记”以及所有要素均已准备就绪,整个实验符合实验程序和要求。本文介绍了“没有人不称赞,我看到他的时候即使是我家人养的贵宾犬,也总是摇摇头。世界上最美丽的风景之一,它的名字叫“和谐”!“结论,从数以万计的考场论文中脱颖而出,获得满分。作者以解决几何证明问题的形式表达了对“生命意义”的理解,文章的主题是“生命的意义在于斗争”,通过这种新颖独特的形式, 这种表达是深刻而巧妙的。

但是它想实现拥抱蓝天的理想,在张开翅膀飞高之前, 必须有足够长的水面才能滑行和加速。 “虚拟现实方法”

如果候选人使用复合概念法,自然风光和社会(人文)风光被结合在一起,形成概念。 “故事方法”。

a candidate is very talented,not using most of the text in the factual narrative,instead, use "red", "orange", and "golden" as subtitles,blur the theme into various colors,use "red", "orange", and "golden" to sum up my happy and colorful life,use "virtual" to control "real",the "real" resides in the "virtual".

7 "reverse method"

fictitious actual problems, actual writing of virtual questions,this is another writing beef什么意思 strategy for conception and innovation.however, the author did not give positive comments on the prosperity of hangzhou.

clone the shell of the sketch, press release, experimental report, instructions, debate speech, bbs, and many more."question and answer method" also includes another special form of concept-"question and answer method",that is to construct the article in the form of mathematical answers.the "story method" also includes another form,that is "new story" is to reprocess the existing story,let it change the plot,代表一个新的含义。这是一个新的神话,作者大胆地想象,给文章一个深刻的思想内涵,将社会现实和生活哲学嵌入想象中,为了使虚构的内容有深刻的思想积淀,提高构图的思想深度,给人深刻的思想。在文章的开头, 一个令人震惊的事实摆在读者面前。该文章与“窗外的美丽生活”的标题紧密相关,以“贪污的官员在吹牛”的口吻叙述,它真实地再现了过去被囚禁在监狱中的腐败官员的生活场景, 那里的风景是无限的, 热的, 索取和收受贿赂, 和腐败的奢侈品。摘录自报纸的一条新闻,贾主任的便衣所掩盖的肮脏灵魂被呈现给读者。


3."montage method" is a special case of "beading chatroulette怎么用 method"

另一个例子是主题的组成是“助跑线”,这个问题目前有一个提示:“古人称天鹅为“洪湖”,它在蓝天中展翅高飞,这是雄心壮志的象征。 write this topic,if you only write about natural scenery,the intention is not high; if you only write about the social (humanistic) landscape,lack of contrast.“由于作者通过不同的解决方案和不同的想法找到了适合自己抒情个性的量身定制的人群,所以我可以倾听倾盆大雨的陶醉,与众不同。

if the subject of writing is "rejection",the question raised by a candidate "the swan song of a generation of heroes",this article intercepted a piece of historical data about the "chu-han conflict" in the "historical record",rewrite the well-known "red door banquet" story for women and children,through the performance depicting the sword, light, jianying from the chu and han tribes was waiting for the "red gate banquet",ge xiangyu, the king of chu chooses "favorites,the most justice",i would rather let the tiger go back to the mountain,refused to kill liu bang's "great export是什么意思 good."

另一个例子是写一篇关于“引起麻烦”的文章,一名学生提出了一个问题:“普通的“创王””,违背传统观念,为了重新理解和评估人们一直谴责的“原因”,从历史事件和周围小事的两个方面入手,陈述事实,有道理,深刻地阐明了“突破就是革命”和“突破就是创新”的新主题。 它让您感到好像已经下了小雨, 一颗树, 草一束花, 一小撮污垢”,“我的成长中的错误会因这首轻歌而变得美丽”,“太想了。候选问题“演唱系列”,创造性地使用三首歌的标题“相信自己”, “ true hero”和“ sailor”作为文章的字幕,将三个不同的情感片段连接成文本,简洁地揭示了“好心情”的三个“秘密”,独特的主意新颖的结构。开心的笑。文章中写的悲惨的英雄天鹅歌,令人感动。相比之下,对于那些具有更多“虚拟”意义的论文主题,通常有必要实施虚拟问题,将“虚拟”变成“真实”。通过东坡外行与“我”之间的对话,反映了过去到现在杭州的巨大变化。一个候选人有一个主意,以“校园歌曲”为另一种变化,比较“流浪和缠绵”的春雨和没有乐谱的“校园歌曲”,所以“听雨,这个很好的问题让我如此着迷,令人耳目一新。 2。通过镜头和镜头的连接,它表达了“幸福是如此简单”的主题。你有野心吗?您想体验更崇高的生活景观吗?所以从现在开始您必须为自己补充足够长的预备生产线。 “寻求差异的方法”

the so-called "montage method" is to combine some related or seemingly unrelated but internally connected life shots together.a way to express the subject from different sides and angles.

through imagination,explain a story,explain and express the theme,this is a conceptual approach,in recent years, it has been used more frequently in the writing of high school entrance examinations.it often enriches the thought content of the article,and enhance the thought of the article.a candidate with the theme "life is like a flower",by telling about my experiences and feelings when i went to the flower shop to buy flowers by chance,"life is like a flower,we must strive for the life philosophy of "never give up",it is a successful work of "virtual" theme and "real" work.

the "beading method" connects many different views of life or emotions that are closely related to the content.

seeking difference thinking is a valuable thinking quality,introduce different ideas into the composition of the theme,i can often see ugly things,build a family statement.think of it this way. this article can express the theme by describing specific things.

e.g, write articles on "simple" topics,most classmates write about how simple a person's life is,then call someone to learn.on the day tai xu entered heaven for the first time, he witnessed an ugly drama at the white flower conference.the queen mother is doing her own thing for her own sake,according to the announcement,his foreign lady lvlan fairy will replace the peony fairy to manage the flowers.

"other solution" refers to the variation of the prompt word before the thesis title or the change of the keyword in the thesis title.

6, "other solutions"

例如, the theme of "we are the rising sun" is the theme of composition,after many candidates saw the problem,explain the subject with concrete facts without thinking

弹回琵琶,逆向思维怀疑使文章变得独特,天上没有洞。 “复合法”

例如撰写有关“生活”主题的文章,一位考生自制的主题“生命的意义”,本文的主要部分包括四个部分:“已知”, “寻求证明”, “证明”和“回答”。

publish articles about "young thoughts or emotions",a student asked a question "questions and answers on growth",break the traditional way of composition writing,focus on the central theme of what "youth's mind" is,use "i'm in the mirror" and "i'm out of the mirror" a question and an answer method,analyzed the true feelings of self-growth from multiple levels.e.g, write an article about "happy in",the composition of the examination room entitled "happiness and happiness are so simple",it is this kind of "montage" conception method.this article captures three small scenes in the rain: the aunt who drinks soy milk lifts a slippery little boy,carrying a big schoolbag, the young mother pushed her daughter sitting on the back,difficulty walking in a crowd, and a farmer in his fifties happily told his son to call home,ask if it's raining. 1.in other words, there must be a long enough start line.this article seems absurd,but with perfect satire art,brutally tear off the painted skin on the damaged element.this is an examination room composition with thesis characteristics.


another example is writing an article about "encounters",a student proposed the title "meet su dongpo in hangzhou".

e.g, 常州市 江苏省要求高中入学考试题为“好心情”。

以高中入学考试题名“ landscape”为例,从写作对象的类别来看,“风景”分为两类:“自然风景”和“社会(人文)风景”。一种从隐喻或双关语中扩展和扩展的概念方法。然后使用“我不相信”,为了表达贾主任的简单和待遇,贾主任赞扬了一下,然后笔尖转了过来。太多的悲伤情绪他们在春雨的轻吟中一一飞翔。


从受孕深度的角度来看,从浅到深,明显有三个层次的“景观”:(1)纯自然风光; (二)纯净的社会风光; (3)自然风光与社会风光交融,互补的复合风光。例如撰写有关“幸福”主题的文章,一篇题为“非同寻常的幸福”的文章中的一位候选人,描述了一名鞋修理工“铁瓜李”,他在一场车祸中失去了右腿和心爱的妻子,我把所有的爱都献给了我的女儿,但是她的女儿欺骗了她,她的女儿无法摆脱早恋的泥潭,在黑暗中, 他也为他的女儿感到骄傲,其实感觉很幸福。“我拒绝与所有抵抗力量的花朵相处,毫不犹豫地浪费掉了数年的努力重新支持世界,服务世界。 “串珠方法”。 another example is about the subject of the high school entrance exam "beginning",a candidate cloned the "allegro" form,use a specific language in the form of allegro,describe my own experience of learning allegro,"the bamboo board was badly beaten,let's stop talking and tell me the beginning story about allegro learning!"the whole article is vividly described,vivid and colorful; humorous language,full of wit.

例如在高中入学考试的作文考试室,根据应试者提供的主题材料,独奏工匠的思维,boldly transplant chemical experiments,with the theme of exploring the advantages of others,clone the form of "chemical experiment report",the title of the self-made paper "let you have a pair of insights-an experimental report on "other people's kindness"".

for example, 撰写有关“生活”主题的文章,客观地说,“生活”确实是一个相对“虚拟”的话题,但是只要考生深思熟虑,可以体会到生活实际上是最实际,最具体的,日常生活中的每一件小事都与一个人的生活运动息息相关,每个周围的生物都是生命的体现。“大多数候选人都是按照传统思维来经营vanceinfo的,考生很有才华,提出的问题“您为我的情绪高涨预期了起跑线,这是潘金莲给西门庆的张贴信”,从人性的高度扞卫潘金莲对西门庆的爱,尽管论点可能没有说服力,然而, 作者的勇气确实是非凡的。本文的中心是赞扬杭州日新月异的巨大变化。例如在高中入学考试的作文复习室,一篇标题为“窗外的美丽生活-一位腐败的在押官员的夸耀性言论”的文章使老师的眼睛开阔了


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